Instructional Coaching

Teachers analyzing student writing and determining next steps
Instructional coaches practicing coaching conversations
Helping social studies teachers develop inquiry-based lessons
Helping teachers create units and lessons
Coaching Teachers
  • Individual support and mentoring of teachers are powerful avenues to help them develop their teaching practice and impact student learning. Jana has successfully used this 3-part coaching cycle with teachers at all grade levels: 1) planning a lesson together, 2) observing the teacher teach the lesson, and 3) reflecting together on the lesson and student results. Jana will work with teachers to help them implement a new strategy, solve a classroom challenge, or successfully implement a school focus area (ex. Integrating literacy strategies, student engagement strategies, designing inquiry lessons, etc.) Coaching sessions can be scheduled multiple times throughout the school year in a variety of ways. 

Coaching Coaches

Have instructional coaches in your schools? Want to help them develop and polish their skills? Then contact Jana to create a Coaching Coaches PD that meets your specific district or school needs. Sample topics can include understanding coaching roles, developing questioning techniques, improving listening skills, and dealing with challenging situations and personalities. PD sessions will include modeling, discussion, and role playing scenarios and will challenge coaches to reflect on their own practice.

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